The launch of something new

I have wanted a website for quite sometime. Many people have told me it is important, necessary, life-dependent even. “If you want to make it in this day-and-age you must be on the internet”, so many times it has been said. So I did. Here it is.

I asked my designer to give me something fluid, neat, responsive (a new word in my vocabulary) and simple and I think he achieved just that!


I hope you like it.


  1. Marianne

    Bravo Anna. Well done. Je te souhaite plein de beaux échanges avec ou sans le web.

  2. Zanna Gregmar

    Well Done Anna, fabulous website. Very easily accessible information :) Good Luck

  3. Martina Schmidt

    Wow -Anna very very nice- congratulations.Your website is beautiful and very animating I would love to take at once improving lessons for my Hungarian….So we keep in touch and maybe later i will learn with you Spanish.All the best, good luck for you!

  4. Anna Roberts

    Brilliant website Anna! I wish you continued success with your language tuition.


  5. Anne Norton

    Very impressive. Wish you huge success with your new venture.

  6. Rosanna

    Congratulations Anna and good luck

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